Be the difference

There are few things in this world that make me truly sad for humanity. I believe that we all have the power to change; what we see, do and hear that is wrong or unjustifiable. We can take the time out of our busy lives to make a real change to just one person.

However, we can also treat one another with such distane and distance ourselves from what is the core of what makes us human to such a point that people stop reaching out, stop asking for a lift out of their dispair, close themselves of.

Today is #WorldMentalDay. I’ve seen inspirational posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. People opening themselves up – transparency of the extraordinary kind – and the support given to these individuals has been astounding, it really has.

In the run up to this, I did see a few, likewise posts from people I follow (rather than those whom I call friends) on FaceBook. A particular post caught my attention and requested people to add a Twibbon to your own profile pages. I am not good with sharing my own dance with depression but I did indeed, add to my own image and shared alike.

And what was the response? The first and only comment, from a ‘friend’. A shirty, passive aggressive remark that shattered my confidence and I remained stuck in a downward spriral for the remainder of the day. I did respond. In what I feel was a far more open-minded and enlightened way, remarking that I would actually be a good poster-girl for the MH campaign as I am proof that you can come through this. I felt empowered and also fraudulent simultaneously. For you see, if I truly felt that was and had the power to believe I had reached the other side, why oh why did I become so upset?

That, my friend, is the crux. And the point of this monologue. To make joke at the expense of someone, or a group, or a cause, is what scares me about the human race. We have the power to be there and give someone a lift when they may (or may not) need it but all too often we use a joke as a bullying tactic to humiliate and bring someone down for our own benefit; be that make us feel better, to genuinely make someone feel bad or just to project what we ourselves are feeling at that moment in time.

Whether you understand from first hand experience or have empathy for those alongside you in the (forgive this) journey to the grave, be kind people. Trolling is one thing, being just mean spirited can ruin a perfectly good day.