5 Fab Functions of Google Forms

Really interesting piece. Already shared with colleagues. Thanks for posting 😋

Mark Connolly's Corner

Google Forms

“Do your job.” That was the mantra that Patriots adopted on their way to their win in Superbowl XLIX. Team first. Maximize talent. Take home the Lombardi Trophy.

“Do your job” is also a way to summarize the functionality of Google Forms. Forms is a role player on the Google Team. It plays well with with all the all the other Apps and it allows for collection of data that you can use in other third party apps.

Here are five ways that I have used Google Forms to track growth, assess understanding and help students guide my planning.

1. Create word clouds 

I have used this activity with beginners in the first week of class as well as more advanced students any time during the year. Prompts can be creative or interpretive. Responses can be at the word, phrase or clause level. Whatever the prompt and response, I take the…

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