Spanner in the works

Or rather a screw in the tyre.

Working away this week so after a rather pleasant evening out and my last office visit imminent I disposed of my attire and bags in the car boot. Just as my colleague and I were about to leave I noticed a rather dumpy tyre. Not to worry, I do have the air pump so as it was a short drive to the office I’d do the necessary there.

Fast forward, I’m now sittingying in a rather unusual tyre repair centre. When I say unusual, it is pretty standard in so many respects; lots of overall wearing men of varying ages, lots of grease on faces, a dusty drinks machine, seating area. No what is unusual is the service. It’s good. I mean as a woman I detest taking my car to anywhere motor related. My opinion is I will be treated as an idiot or ripped off. Rightly or wrongly, past experience has taught/ scared me to think and feel this way. But for some reason my concerns have been wiped away, unlike the dust on the drinks machine.

The welcome from one employee, even as I entered the rather dodgy one way only looking entrance, to the reception chappy was, well, friendly, welcoming and altogether unexpected.

Even when they answer the telephone they seem to genuinely appreciate the opportunity to help. Perhaps my mindset is the thing that needs to change from this experience. I always presume I’m quite an open minded individual. Is this showing me I’m not?

Only thing wrong with the entire experience, loo roll was the wrong way around.

Maybe I need to change.


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