Lets start at the beginning – Birth trauma & PND

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My story is ancient history now but I think relevant  I’m relieved that good PMH care is recognised as vital now although it’s still not perfect

When I became pregnant with my first child I wanted it all to be perfect – the perfect birth with the perfect child. Instead my experience was one of everything that could go wrong did. With all day morning sickness that failed to improve at week 16 I was prescribed debendox. Weeks later the newspaper were full of headlines like ‘ debendox the new thalidomide?’ Scans were not great in those days so the rest of my pregnancy was a very anxious time.

Two weeks overdue it was decided I should be induced and that’s when it all went wrong. The trainee Dr running red faced from the room because he couldn’t break my waters leaving me strung up in an undignified way! I…

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